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Who we are?

Who we are?

Who we are?
In the 1991s, Vietnam was virtually an unknown destination, even to those who travel on the classic heritage trails. Until 2003,  Hand in Hand Travel & Tour operators began to cast an eye on Vietnam but did not choose it as their main destination.
Graduating in 1993, Andy Dzung became a local tour guide and  start trekking in Fanxipan mountain in Sapa  and Ha Giang . At that time, the tour conditions in those remote destinations are extremely difficult but  Andy Dzung had found something he could dedicate his life to: adventure travel.
After10 years traveling up and down the many roads of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia,& Myanmar.  Andy Dzung  founded Hand  In Hand Travel  in 2003 as the first trekking specialist in North Vietnam.
Since then, Hand in Hand Travel has cooperated with a number of international tour operators to open up little - visited corners of Indochina.  Not just acting as a local ground handler, we also constantly pioneered new routes and developed a wide range of exclusive tours for them. Our service, perfected over the past twelve years, helps strengthen the cooperation year by year.
Hand in Hand Travel is a small company, but we wish to keep focusing on our original adventure and off the beaten track travel (soft adventure) concept rather than expanding into mass tourism service. Referred to as soft adventure travel (including activities such as hiking, kayaking, biking & home-stay, meeting local people, cooking class and visit to areas away from mass tourism).
All of  our trips are carefully calculated to bring you a good balance between adventure, comfort, exploration and relaxation that is all good value for money. Finally, experience, knowledge and professionalism play an important part in building the reputation of Hand in Hand Travel. At every opportunity, we aim to share these with people who wish to discover all aspects of combination trip from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia & Myanmar. By just sending us an e-mail or contacting us through the customized trip form, you will rapidly receive valuable information on this exotic destination. So let us know what you have in mind! If it can be done, we will do it well.
Hand in Hand Travel has undertaken many successful types of activities: It is the organizer of cultural, adventure, business, trekking, wildlife, and scuba tours as well as tours for veterans, camping tours, rail and canoe tours in Vietnam at very competitive prices with the highest quality of service.           
Tour Operator.  Vietnam , Lao, Cambodia & Myanmar

1. Mr. Andy Dzung . Managing Director motivated by adventure Tours since Tourism beginning in Vietnam. After years his traveling all over the  many countries to find out of values for our trip in the  Southeast Asian Nations  Andy Dzung Nguyen has experience Tours operator and responsible for marketing as all travel in Asia  Contact Email: : WhatsApp 84903231887: Online Support :Skype : handinhandtravel. 
Anh Tuyet Pham
Chao Ban!
I am  Anh Tuyet  Pham , working for  Hand in Hand Travel,  Hanoi in Vietnam and I am here to customize your trip to  Vietnam entirely to your wishes!
Traveling is really my passion if I might say so. Graduated from the tourism faculty in 2002, I have been working  for various tour companies before joining our team here in Hanoi. With the ability of looking after every detail of your request, I quickly gained a reputation as a dynamic, passionate, and professional person.
With more than 16 years experience in the travel and hotel industry, I am happy to help you to design exciting trips ranging from easy touring to challenging activities for you. Please come and meet up in Hanoi!
We have German speaking guides
We have English & French speaking guides
We have Spanish  speaking guides
We have Spanish  speaking guides
You can call us on : 84 4 39261863/WhatsApp: 84903407733 email:  Online Support: Skype: handinhandtravel   
3. Ms. Nga Tour Operator and expert Nga is fluent in French and English Speaking and Southeast Asian Markets, Sale throughout Vietnam and neighboring the country. Email:; Skype: handinhandtravel 
Mr. Chau Nguyen  Sale Manager of Office in Sai Gon . and  Mr. Chau is fluent in French and English Speaking and Southeast Asian Markets & European Market , Sale throughout Vietnam and neighboring the country. Email:    WhatsApp: 84903686053

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